Finding a bell tower for the first time

Having been born with almost no ability to navigate, it is essential that I should be able to put Bell towers into my satnav, but experience of previous ventures into the countryside told me that postcodes just don’t work all the time. Having ended up on the wrong side of the river trying to ring at Bryanston I finally cracked how to use the coordinates from Dove.

The Lat, Long 50.86206, -2.17947 are what satnavs need as coordinates. The 50.86206 is the degrees north and the second number is the degrees West. The negative sign perplexed me at first but it means the place is West of Greenwich. My satnav works with positive numbers only so needs to be told West 2.17947 North 50.86206. By default it wants the coordinates split into three parts, which stand for degrees,minutes and seconds. This works like hours, minutes and seconds of time, ie in base 60.

Once the satnav was adjusted to accept the coordinates in Dove format, I was in business, confident I could turn up at practice nights not some random location half a mile away!