Summer Project – Learning Grandsire doubles

This summer I am trying as hard as I can to make the transition from being a call changes ringer to being confident with at least one method.

On the advice of my tower captain I made Grandsire doubles my goal.

Armed with Beginners’ Grandsire by A. Waddington and the Internet, I planned a campaign of as much ringing as possible, backed up by as much reading and theory as I could get my hands on.

My first port of call was Dove Online where I wanted to find towers near me that practice on my spare evenings. After some experimentation I realised that I needed the postcode based search and this enabled me to plan seven day a week ringing. Sundays and Mondays were already earmarked for my own tower,  most Saturdays over the summer were an opportunity for a District or Guild event, which left 4 nights a week to visit local practices.

I have been made most welcome at all the towers I visited, and all the tower captains have given me a chance to develop my abilities with Grandsire Doubles.

I have also learned an unexpected amount about the Internet.